We see a lot of children within our practice, and occasionally a dental emergency will occur. Children are usually very active, and encountering a few bad falls during their playtime is quite common. If you find that your child requires emergency dental care, give us a call. We have a 24-hour emergency care service, and one of our doctors will contact you and advise you on what is best for your child.

Common pediatric dental emergencies often include chipped or cracked teeth, injury to soft tissue, and severe toothache. If an injury causes a tooth to come out, and you don’t act quickly, your child could lose a natural tooth forever. If this particular situation occurs, collect the tooth and rinse it with water and place the tooth in a container of milk to keep the tooth from drying out.

Meanwhile, control any bleeding by using a piece of gauze or washcloth and contact us immediately at (262) 886-9440, so we can provide treatment as soon as possible.

Call us at (262) 886-9440 to schedule an appointment to know more about pediatric dental emergencies.