At Spring Dental Group, we love to have young ones join our practice. Our favorite way to bring children on board is to have them help out on a family member’s wellness visit/our hygienists are experts at getting the children involved in the process of counting mom’s or brother’s teeth. Helping with gloves and a mask on, the child is usually curious and wishes to be able to have a turn. Every child is brought in at his or her own pace.

We have developed this process by observing our own children and a belief that a lifetime of good dental health starts with a relationship. We have been so blessed to have our patients grow from babies to adults and continue to insist on returning home to spring Dental Group for their dental health needs.

For us, this is like hitting a grand slam.

It’s never too late to start a relationship with our dental team. Treat yourself right. Call Spring Dental.

Call us at (262) 886-9440 to schedule an appointment to know more about your child’s dental care.