We do our best to try to discuss and treat potential problems before they ambush our patients with pain, dysfunction, or a cosmetic disfigurement. We work hard as a multi-doctor office to treat emergencies for our patients when it does occur. Spring Dental has an after-hours emergency number for our patients so that you can talk with a doctor if you do have a concern.

Facial, mouth, tooth, joint, sinus, vascular, and muscle pain can be very perplexing and scary for the person experiencing this. Differential diagnosis must occur to keep from doing treatments that won’t help. We pride ourselves in being able to confer with each other’s many years of experience and continuing education to solve these mysteries when there is no obvious cause.

Therapy can range from bite splints, physical therapy, endodontics (root canal therapy) for abscess, extraction for hopeless teeth, drainage of infection, antibiotics, and bite adjustment. Conservative therapies are usually the starting point based on differential diagnosis.

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