Athletes spend a lot of time outdoors or on the mat, training hard to get better at their sport. Sustaining an injury to the mouth can happen if they have a bad fall or take a hard blow to the mouth. It can happen damage the teeth. This brings in the need for getting better protection against such unexpected sports-related injuries.

Mouthguards have been used by athletes for several years now in order to protect their teeth from damage. Athletes who compete find mouthguards to be very helpful. The oral appliance distributes the forces equally on all the teeth, thereby preventing the damage that can happen.

Why should you consider a customized mouthguard?

Several one-size-fits-all mouthguards are available in sports stores. They are effective and inexpensive, however, they do not provide complete protection against injuries and can feel uncomfortable in the mouth.

We recommend the use of customized mouth guards due to patient comfort. They offer the perfect fit. Also, they are known to reduce the chances of concussion in younger athletes.

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