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Your treatment options are unlimited at Spring Dental Group. Whether you need only cleaner, whiter teeth or more involved procedures, including surgery, we can help you achieve your dental goals. An initial examination with necessary records provides the background for discussion of your vision for your dental health. Missing teeth, crowded teeth and growth deformities are all areas we treat, often co-operating with local specialists. We encourage open discussion of your hopes, desires, concerns and fears to come to a mutually agreed upon treatment plan.

What Our Patients Say

I am a 60 year old who is terrified of going to the dentist. I was in extreme pain when I saw Dr. Lamberton a few weeks ago. He was so kind, compassionate and gentle. I left the office with hardly any pain left. I have seen him a second time since and am happy to say my experience was again great. So lucky to have found Spring Dental!

Gail J.

I had a great experience at Spring Dental Group. Both Dr Janes and Isabel were very personable and professional. Dr. Janes was very thorough in answering my questions and explaining the various options. Thank you for a very positive dental experience!

Mary R.

Dr. Lamberton is OUTSTANDING! The practice has invested in impressive technology that really helps educate the patient on all aspects of their oral health and facilitates any and all treatment necessary. The Staff is friendly, communicative and willing to take the time to truly make the patient feel welcome and comfortable. Just a great dental practice!!

Brian R.

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